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British-made, global reach, proven products

At Alanco Alamatic we manufacture our own industrial disc brakes (industrial disk brakes), industrial brake discs and safety chucks.

Additionally, we are the only such Company, located within the United Kingdom, that has totally British owners. We have been providing our Clients, with our proven products, for several years. We celebrated our 50th year, in 2016, in the industrial disc brake (industrial disk brake), brake discs and safety chuck service.

Our diverse range of products are used for converting applications, where the manufactured item is in reel form. Typical products, in reel form, include paper, plastics, plastic film, aluminium foil, textiles, cables and steel. Our industrial disc brakes (industrial disk brakes) can also be used in a wide range of linear applications such as test rigs, conveyors, bridges and tension control systems, in addition to general stopping, or holding duties - for industrial machinery.

Our service to you

Alanco Alamatic are able to offer their Clientele a full range of services including :- Bespoke system or product designing.

  • A full range of spare parts
  • On site investigation into the provision of braking or tension control systems
  • Full on site repair service
  • Quality after care